Lighthouse Junior Member Cards / Now Issued to Young Visitors

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A troop of Girl Scouts from Wall Township, who recently visited Sea Girt Lighthouse on an after-school group tour, became the first youngsters to be made Junior Members of the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee.

After the scouts and a few of their brothers successfully completed the climb into the lantern room atop the tower, SGLCC trustee Marie Muhler presented them with complimentary Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee Junior Member cards. Junior_Member2

Reminder and An Invitation

On each card, which is illustrated with a line drawing of Sea Girt Lighthouse, is a space where the student can write his or her name.

“The Junior Member card is our thanks for visiting the lighthouse and a reminder of this historic shore treasure,” said Mrs. Muhler. “The card also serves as an invitation to visit again.”

From now on, all youngsters who come to the lighthouse on group tours, conducted year-round, and Sunday tours, which run from spring through mid-November, will be presented with Junior Member cards.

Future Lighthouse Keepers

Mrs. Muhler conceived of the Junior Member program as a way to encourage youngsters to take an interest in the lighthouse and to spread the word.

Jerry Hayward, SGLCC president, noted: “The young people are the next generation from which will come our future lighthouse keepers – the essential volunteers who collaborate to maintain the building and keep its story alive.”

In addition to the Junior Member cards, young visitors are given letters of appreciation, suggesting they share their experience with family and friends and consider volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities

Docents are always welcome. And there are numerous examples of youngsters who accepted the challenge to get involved.

Several high school students in recent years have become dependable Sunday tour guides, which helped fulfill their schools’ community service requirement. A college student, who has volunteered at Sea Girt Lighthouse since he was 13, returned to help out during the Lighthouse Challenge, October 16-17. A 14-year-old student at Manasquan High School, who visited during the Challenge, came back the following Sunday and subsequent Sundays as a docent. She plans to return next year.

And children of active-duty military, who were at the National Guard Training Center in Sea Girt for a week of summer camp fun, came to the lighthouse on a community service project in which they polished a historic ship lantern, a door knocker, a coal scuttle and several lamps and trays. After successfully completing their mission, the 13- and 14-year-olds toured the lighthouse.

Keeping in Touch

To keep in touch with the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee and the latest lighthouse news, visit the lighthouse website,

The Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee, Inc. is an all-volunteer, non-profit tax-exempt, membership foundation, which is responsible for maintaining the lighthouse and preserving its history.

Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to alert the committee through the website's Contact Us page, or call us 732-974-0514, or write Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee, P.O. Box 83, Sea Girt, NJ 08750.

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