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The Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee, Inc. is an all-volunteer, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) foundation, whose primary responsibility is the restoration, preservation and maintenance of the Sea Girt Lighthouse as an historic building fundamental to the Borough of Sea Girt. SGLCC endeavors to provide meeting space at the Sea Girt Lighthouse for use by responsible organized public, civic and social non-profit groups in the Sea Girt and neighboring communities and by private individuals who are property owners of the Borough of Sea Girt.


A request for permission to use the facilities of the Sea Girt Lighthouse shall be by written application on a form provided by the SGLCC. Upon request, SGLCC will provide its application forms to organized public, civic or social non-profit groups serving the Borough of Sea Girt and/or the surrounding area and to individual property owners in the Borough of Sea Girt.

A completed application must be signed by an officer of the applying group or by the Sea Girt property owner to be considered. Each application received by SGLCC shall be referred to its Utilization Committee for review. The Utilization Committee has the option of approving a qualified application or rejecting an application because it does not conform to these Use Regulations and Use Requirements. Initial approval by the Utilization Committee is conditional upon the timely adherence to the Use Requirements.

Use Regulations

A group or individual applicant approved to use the Sea Girt Lighthouse agrees to follow these use regulations. They have been implemented by the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee for the protection and preservation of the Lighthouse and its safe use:

· Inside the Lighthouse. All functions approved by the Utilization Committee shall take place within the Lighthouse building, and only in the areas designated in the use approval. To maintain good relations with neighbors of the Lighthouse, outdoor activities or use of the porch are not allowed.

· Maximum Capacity. The maximum number of use participants shall be 50 persons.

· No Smoking. Sea Girt Lighthouse is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Lighthouse, or on the porch.

· Sound. The sound level of music and voices shall be kept to a low level at all times to maintain good relations with neighbors of the Lighthouse.

· Heating. If the thermostat is turned up during an event, the thermostat must be returned to the overnight setting of 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Closing. All use activity upon the premises shall be concluded by 10:00 p.m.

· Locked and Secure. At the conclusion of the user’s event or meeting, the user must secure all windows and exterior doors, insuring that all are closed and locked upon departure.

· Removal of trash. At the conclusion of the user’s event or meeting, the user must collect and remove all refuse from the premises.

Use Requirements

Liability Insurance. The applicant must agree to submit to the Utilization Committee a certificate of liability insurance coverage in an amount not less than $1,000,000 covering the period of the approved use of the premises, and extending to all persons who will be in attendance on the premises on the date(s) of approved use. Such certificate of liability insurance shall be in the name of the applicant. The certificate of liability must name the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee, Inc. and the Borough of Sea Girt as covered insureds.

Note: In the case of a returning group whose liability insurance certificate for the previous meeting period has expired, a new certificate of insurance liability must be submitted to the Utilization Committee before the group can resume meeting at the Lighthouse.

Note: In the case of an individual Sea Girt property owner, the certificate of liability insurance may be in the form of an endorsement to the owner’s homeowner insurance policy.

Security Deposit. A Sea Girt property owner is required to submit a security deposit of $1,000 to insure the premises are clean and undamaged after the use. Any damage to the premises that may occur during the permitted use shall be repaired by the SGLCC and the cost of such repair deducted from the security deposit.

The security deposit, or any unused portion thereof, shall be refunded to the applicant after an inspection of the premises is made by a member of the Utilization Committee. Such inspection will normally be made within three days after the use. In the event that any damage caused during the permitted use should exceed the security deposit of $1,000, the applicant shall be responsible for any cost of damage repair in excess of the security deposit.

Donation. The expense of lighting, heating, janitorial service and the general upkeep of the Lighthouse are a financial burden for which SGLCC is responsible. SGLCC, therefore, respectfully requests that a group approved to use the Lighthouse make a free-will donation to SGLCC for said use. In the case of an individual Sea Girt property owner, SGLCC respectfully requests a free-will donation in the amount of $100 to SGLCC for said use.

Timely Remittance. To secure final approval, these Use Requirement documents (including liability insurance, security deposit, and donation as applicable) must be submitted to the Utilization Committee not less than 7 days prior to the date of use (or 1st date of use in the case of recurring use). Failure to satisfy these Requirements at least 7 days prior to planned use (or 1st use) or to comply with any Lighthouse policy or regulation set forth herein may result in the withdrawal of the Utilization Committee’s conditional approval of use.

Nature of Approved Use

The approval of an application for use shall not be a leasing of the premises to the applicant. The use of the premises by an approved applicant shall classify the applicant, and the attending persons, as social invitees on the premises.


This Use Policy has been approved by the Board of Trustees of the Sea Girt Lighthouse Citizens Committee, and shall remain in effect until altered or amended by the Board of Trustees. 

A copy of this Use Policy shall be delivered to each organization or Sea Girt property owner who requests an application form.  The application form shall serve as an acknowledgement by the applicant that a copy of the Use Policy has been received and that the applicant agrees to abide by the stated provisions and to be responsible for any damage that may occur during its use.

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