Photo Gallery


Sea Girt Lighthouse, standing tall for more than a century, has inspired writers, poets, painters and countless photographers. Here we present an intriguing selection of photos of the lighthouse. While the subject may be the same, the photos are very different from one another, shot as they are from different angles and perspectives and in different seasons. We invite you to send us your lighthouse photos.

We also feature more casual and personal photos – a scrapbook of snapshots of people who made the lighthouse come alive with activity from the early days to the present.

Finally, the collection here includes old postcards. The postcard images illustrate the passage of time and record bygone Sea Girt, while underscoring that lighthouse remains a constant – changed in subtle ways but much as it was in 1896.

Lighthouse Photos

These photographic studies – portrait-like – vividly capture the beauty, detail and romance of the lighthouse inside and out. Some were taken by our visitors, others by our members. They all exhibit a love and respect for the lighthouse and its rich tradition.


Photos of Sea Girt Lighthouse by Bob Dunn


Winter Slide Show by Henry Bossett. Silverlight version here.

 Photos of Sea Girt Lighthouse by Bill Dunn


Historical Preservation. Full story here.



The snapshots collected here show some of the people who once called Sea Girt Lighthouse home – the keepers and their families and later Coast Guardsmen. The powerful and positive memories of life at the lighthouse have prompted a few folks to make sentimental visits back to the lighthouse, such as retiree Henry Wapelhorst who decades before as a 19-year-old Coast Guardsman served on the last detail before the lighthouse was closed. Other snapshots were donated by descendents of keepers and Coast Guardsmen. The more recent color photos show the activities of lighthouse volunteers and visitors.


Virtual Tour. Silverlight version here.

Various Photos



Postcards, with appealing images of shore landmarks and vacationers enjoying the sun and sand, provide intriguing visual evidence of the changes in the landmarks, landscape and styles over time. While the lighthouse remains strong, much of what is seen in these postcards is long gone.